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Welcome to the website of the Freemen of the City of Oxford.

An introduction to the historic organisation of The Freemen of the City of Oxford.

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Common Hall

14 Oct 2024

We're please to announce that we will be holding Common Hall on Monday 14th October 2024, from 6pm at Oxford Town Hall (arrival from 5:30 pm).

All Freemen of Oxford are encouraged to join and take part. Journal #159 will contain additional details, and this site also has a copy of the Rules for Common Hall .

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to become a freeman?

Assuming you qualify (see the Admissions page for more details), instructions for application are available on the Oxford City Council's website.

Where can I read the Oxford Freeman journal?

A copy of each journal published since Autumn 2014 can be found in the online journal archive at https://journal.oxfordfreemen.org.