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Annual Meadow Inspection Called Off

Dear fellow Freemen,

I hope that you, your family and loved ones are keeping well in these pandemic challenging times. Although the Port Meadow has seen large numbers arrive for exercise and relaxation by the river in recent weeks, the current advice for Covid 19 do not allow us to walk the meadow as a group of more than 6 to carry out the Annual Inspection.

This does not prevent you and a friend from walking the Meadow. I and the General Committee are always pleased to receive reports and observations from Freemen. If you do go for a walk, then please remember to take a bag to pick up litter. Some of our recent visitors have not been thorough on taking all of their paper wrappings home.

This year , the meadow had substantial rain in February and then the weather went dry and sunny in March and pretty much thereafter. The grass looks splendid as the meadow draws moisture through the gravel based subsoil from the nearby river. It is this "underground watering system" which makes the Meadow so beneficial to cattle grazing. The Sheriff's year of office has been extended by six months as public ceremonies can not take place. The Sheriff is Conservator of Port Meadow.

Lets hope we can soon get back to some normality and we can meet up in friendship. Stay safe.


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